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Top ten things you should follow every day to break bad food habits and create a new life


Gone are the days when people used to chase wealth. Today, most people are desperately looking for answers for “how to stay healthy?” and “how to break bad food habits?” more than anything else. Health and wellness is on the cards than never before. True. If there is an asset you don’t want to lose, it is your health. But unfortunately, unhealthy options with regards to food and lifestyle are all around you. Amidst the chaos of this busy life, you are looking for simple yet effective ways to make healthy options that work.

The infographics discloses some great ideas to break bad habits and build healthy food habits. Some of the key points include:

  1. Practice mindful eating
  2. Brush your teeth right after dinner to avoid night time munching
  3. Consume a healthy wholesome breakfast comprising of nuts, fruits, and homemade cereal recipes
  4. Chew each bite thoroughly
  5. Drink less wine every night
  6. Increase your water intake by drinking half an hour before and after food as well as during workouts
  7. Stick to your regular eating schedule
  8. Consider portion control at parties and feasts
  9. Don’t eat while cooking or watching television. 
  10. Plan your meals for a week.

Poor eating habits translate to trouble — feelings of low energy, increased waistline, and a sugar crash. Make positive changes, one at a time and go on to lead a long, healthy and happy life.