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Learn about these 11 easy ways to facilitate your next road trip


There’s no arguing the fact that road trips are exciting, adventurous and a great way to relax and rejuvenate. However, proper planning is crucial to make the most of a road trip, especially when travelling with friends or family. 

11 Tips for a pleasant and safe road adventure:

  1. Make sure you check the condition of your vehicle with your mechanic. 
  2. Have an additional car key handy during the travel.
  3. Don’t forget to carry the First Aid kit.
  4. Carry healthy snacks like nuts, dry fruits, seeds and fruits rather than relying on the food joints along the way.
  5. Do take extra cash. Remember to have your credit/debit cards as well.
  6. Be sure of the route. GPS would help though. However, don’t always rely on that. Study the route before you start. 
  7. Ensure you wear comfortable, light-weight clothing. Wear polarized sunglasses to avoid glares.
  8. Travel during the off-season — this way, you can enjoy more. Also try to avoid holiday weekends. 
  9. Plan your schedule in such a way that you avoid driving through cities during peak traffic hours.
  10. Take frequent breaks. When you feel drowsy, take some rest and then continue. 
  11. Never text or speak over your phone while driving. Have someone else attend your calls if required.