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12 Sex Myths Busted for You! Don’t Miss the 11th on the List


I think it’s high time we put all the hearsay about sex to rest. This infographic (facts backed by science!) really blows your mind with actual facts on sex and sex life. What’s more, I personally learned my own naivety in the subject. I see that there is a world of misinformation out there on sex and each fact does its own rounds since most of the times there isn’t an open discussion or argument regarding the same. 

Well, let’s have a quick look at some important sex facts in a nutshell.

  • Studies show that the way we feel about our own body influences our sexual satisfaction compared to objective physical characteristics.
  • The frequency of masturbation remains steady with time in spite of increased sexual contact frequency. 
  • Homosexuality is not a psychological disorder. The World Health Organization recognizes the right of an individual to enjoy sexual relations as a human right and every society should provide an environment that protects and respects every individual’s sexuality. 
  • Women are interested in men based on their financial power, linked to their desire to securing the survival of their children. On the other hand, an attractive physical appearance is important for men. 
  • A lot of men believe that they should have an erection the moment they see an attractive woman. This is not necessarily true. A man may seem tired, may feel guilty, may not be fond of the circumstances, may feel like developing intimacy and emotional connection first, and so on.
  • Obsessing over achieving an orgasm and always focusing on it could reduce pleasure for the couple and perhaps even ruin their sexual relationship.
  • Studies confirmed that a lot of elderly people (aged between 60 and 80) continue to enjoy their sex life provided they are in good health. 

Now that you have learned some interesting and useful sex facts to share with your partner, go ahead and impress. Good luck!