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Learn these 15 proven ways to beat procrastination every day and achieve your goals


Procrastination is merely the action of ruining your life for no apparent reason. For all procrastinators out there, remember that tomorrow never comes and today is all that you have. So, start now. Do now.

Here are 15 science-backed solutions to beat procrastination:

  1. Try to understand the ways in which procrastination affects your life. This helps you understand the causes of procrastination and work on it.
  2. Plan effectively and practice time management to simply working pattern, improve work quality and avoid stress.
  3. Think about what pulled you into this work. When you reassess your assignment, it will be less intimidating.
  4. Develop the habit of listing the tasks and crossing each task when you finish.
  5. Work in productive environments. This helps you focus on the immediate task. Stay away from obstacles and distractions.
  6. Set realistic goals and targets. Unrealistic goals generally nurture procrastination.
  7. Practice positive self-talk to encourage you to achieve your goals.
  8. Develop a flexible schedule where you have lots of time to unwind.
  9. Devote small chunks of time to a big task. It helps build momentum and brings down obstacles.
  10. Devise practical steps to achieve your goals rather than fantasizing about them.
  11. List possible obstacles and be prepared mentally. This helps you counter procrastination effectively.
  12. Focus more on learning for the future.
  13. Don’t depend on others to complete work. Help yourself.
  14. Create a reward system to celebrate successful tasks.
  15. Learn to forgive yourself when you slip down. Forgiveness often improves future results.

Hope this helps! Good luck.