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20 Shocking Facts You Did Not Know About Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler remains one of the influential names in History. Some facts about this powerful personality will leave us go “Hmmmmmm”.

  1. Had not Hitler’s father changed his name in the year 1877, Hitler would have been called “Adolf Schicklgruber”. Alois Hitler, father of Hitler was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. His baptismal register didn’t show his father’s name. Initially, Alois bore Schicklgruber, his mother’s surname. Later, his mother married Johann Georg Hiedler. After Maria Anna died, Alois recorded Johann Georg Hiedler as his father. The surname ‘Hiedler’ became ‘Hitler’

2. The French Resistance disconnected the elevator cables that led to the Eiffel Tower so that Hitler wouldn’t choose to visit it during his visit during the decline of Paris. Hitler climbed more than 1500 stairs and then he opted out!


3. Hitler banned the Nobel Prize. Instead, he created “German National Prize for Art & Science” and awarded one to Ferdinand Porsche — inventor of the world's first hybrid car and Volkswagen Beetle. Ferdinand Porsche is Hitler's favourite engineer. 

4. A Jewish lawyer named Hans Litten cross-examined the rising politician Adolf Hitler for 3 hours. When Nazis came to power, Litten was arrested and brutally tortured for five years after which he committed suicide.


5. Deutsche Bank’s stockbroker hand signal is the index finger placed horizontally under the nose. Do you know its origin? Voila! You guessed it right! Yes, it was Hitler's moustache.

6. He had a plan for Moscow after capturing it during World War II. It was to kill all its residents and construct a beautiful lake!

7. Charlie Chaplin used his own money to make the movie in which he mocked Hitler because Hollywood was perhaps afraid of Hitler’s reaction. 


8. Walther PPK, the gun that was made popular by James Bond is the model that Hitler used to kill himself.

9. Hitler and his henchman made one of his dogs to bark, “Mein Fuhrer!” (My leader)! Hitler was very much attached to his dogs. Bella and Blondi. He killed the latter before killing himself.

10. Hitler enjoys whistling tunes. His favourite tune is ‘when you wish upon a star’. It seems he entertained his dinner guests by whistling. He also did it during moments of euphoria like the fall of Paris. 

11. Hitler had a niece Geli Raubal. He appeared to be a creepy uncle, not allowing her to marry, accompanying her everywhere and keeping her much like a prisoner until one fine day she committed suicide. After her death, Hitler mentioned her as the only woman he ever loved.

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12. Ironically, Hitler and Mussolini were once nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. 


13. There are reports of Hitler having ordered the manufacture of Aryan blow-up dolls for the pleasure of his Nazi combatants so that they stop sleeping with sick prostitutes . The project was named the ‘Borghild Project’ which was a result of a warning Hitler received from his SS Chief Himmler that his men were prone to syphilis and other health issues due to liaisons with French women.

14. Adolf Hitler farted nonstop. Also, he used cocaine to clear sinuses and ingested about 28 drugs at a time. Hitler received injections made of bull testicle extracts in order to bolster his libido!

15. It is reported that Hitler suffered from several diseases including- Parkinson’s disease. A few described Hitler as a neurotic psychopath. Some say he had dementia. 

16. Hitler’s mother was a practicing Catholic and his father, an anticlerical. Hitler used to sing in the church choir when he was 8 years old. What’s more, he even wanted to become a priest!!

17. Well, it appears quite strange bearing in mind the many atrocities against humans he indulged in during his lifetime, he was against animal cruelty. Hitler was a strict vegan. Also, he implemented wild animal, chicken and cattle protection laws as well as had plans to reduce the meat consumption of the Germans following the Second World War. 

18. It was Adolf Hitler who commissioned the Volkswagen Beetle — the “People’s Car”. 

19. Hitler chose to hide his relationship with Eva Braun as he thought that he was sexually appealing to women. He remained single for long as he believed marriage would bring down his appeal. He wished to exploit this fact for his political gain. Eva Braun was 23 years younger than Hitler! Other than her, Hitler is known to have dated seven other men in his lifetime. 

Finally, he married Eva Braun and within a few hours after the marriage, Hitler wrote his will in which he mentioned that he would rather commit suicide but not get captured by his enemies. He also wished that his body was burnt immediately so that his enemies could not even get his corpse. On the face of it, his end was near. 

Their marriage lasted less than 40 hours! Hitler fed his dog Blondie with cyanide. After it died, Eva killed herself by consuming cyanide after which Hitler committed suicide by blowing gunshot in his head!

20. Orthocarbonic Acid is colloquially called "Hitler's Acid" as its molecular geometry resembles a swastika.