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3 everyday things to learn from Japanese women to stay slim and young for long


Japanese women take pride in being slim and beautiful no matter what their age is. The video shows clearly the top three reasons why they could maintain this sleek figure and young look. 

Number one — Green tea

The Japanese love to drink green tea. Powdered green tea or matcha as they call it is made from the highest quality tea leaves that are then dried and ground to a fine powder. The powder is mixed with hot water to make a healthy drink. Tea ceremony is part of Japanese culture that involves a ceremonial preparation and presentation of green tea. Green tea consumption is known to protect heart health and delay cancer. Besides, it postpones aging and helps lose weight.

Number 2: Seafood

Unlike the rest of the world, in Japan, people don’t eat red meat; rather they consume lots of seafood. Fish is good for overall health as it contains high-quality proteins, essential nutrients and omega 3 fatty acids. All these are excellent for the brain, skin, hair and heart. 

Number 3: Eating smaller portions

Serving food in small portions is part of Japan’s culture. Smaller portion sizes do make you eat less, eventually helping you shed the extra pounds. They also have their food on smaller plates which indirectly contributes to lesser eating. Ultimately, unintentional overeating and high-calorie intake is prevented. 

Hope this helps!