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30 Quick Facts About China You Will Like

China is the first largest populated country in the world. there are many unknown facts about this mysterious country. It owns the credit for many inventions.

“CHINA”  officially the People's Republic of China is the most populated country in the world that stands first in the population rate with 1.38 billion. Beijing is the capital city of China which also has the largest population rate with 20.18 million people. People who live there speak lots of different languages.

The official languages of China are Chinese, Mongolian, Tibetan, Uyghur, and Zhuang

Ice Creams and China Connection

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  1. China stands second in the nominal GDP rate with a GDP of 12.405 trillion, which is the second-largest in the world.

  2. As we all know, China always stands first in its trade. It has been working hard to increase its trade since 1978 and today it is assumed to have the fastest growing economy in the world.

  3. We all love ice-cream. But how many of us know that China owns the credit for the invention of ice-cream? Yes! China invented ice-cream in 2000 BC. They made it by mixing soft milk with snow.

  4. China has the oldest calendar in the world which is based on the moon. 

  5. China is famous for its cultural festivals. Their New Year celebration will last for 15 days.  Every year a specific animal will be representing the festival. There are 12 different animals.

They invented the Silk.

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6. The Chinese used to race boats with dragon designs during every spring festival. It is called the Dragon Boat Festival, it is also famous for Chinese dumpling food.

7. There is a fact that the Chinese have the habit of burying or tossing the first falling teeth of their baby’s. They do this with the belief that the next growing teeth will grow straight.

8. China was the first to invent silk. This invention was a secret process in which if the information is leaked, the person who spread this would be killed.

9. The Chinese language has 40,000 characters in it. And every child in the country is expected to learn up to 2000 characters in their fourth grade.

10. The red color is considered a very lucky color in China. At times, the wedding dresses were made in red color. (psst… most of the birds in China are red too!!)

Kites vs Toilet Papers vs Fortune Cookies vs Pollution

Kites were first invented by the Chinese, which was used to represent success after every battle.

11. Toilet papers were first invented in China during the 1300s. And when it was invented, only the emperors were able to use it.

12. Small crickets were kept as pets by most of the Chinese children. They kept in a box together and made the crickets fight, which was done to have fun.

13. China’s industrialization is responsible for the increase in air pollution. Top 10 air-polluted cities are located in China.

14. People have the belief that fortune cookies were found in China. But it was not, It was first made in the factory in San Francisco, USA.

Terracotta Army vs Pig Farm

15. It is believed that China has the longest continuous civilization lasting from years back. This Terracotta Army is a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China

16. 94% of the Chinese population live in the third eastern third of china and 92% over its population is compressed as Han china

17. The Shanghai Tower in China is the world's second-largest building which stands with a height of 2,073 feet.

18. Pork has the largest part of which the Chinese people eat. A person in China eats up to 86 pounds of pork annually.

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19. Over a half, pig population lives in China. 475 million of the pig population lives in China.

Chopsticks vs Trees

More than 80 million wooden disposals of chopsticks are produced in China. Nearly 200 million trees are cut down every year in China. The earlier developed chopsticks before five thousand years ago were mainly used for cooking, not for eating.

21. China holds the credit for the invention of paper as well as printing. So officially the first currency was also printed by them 1,400 years ago. (not proven though) 

22. China is the largest producer of cement which produces 60% of cement annually. They build a new skyscraper every 5 days.

23.  It is also said that China is the largest country with an eclipse of 9.7 kilometers square landmass

The Great Wall has Rice in it! Incredible China.

24. The Giant Panda owns its origin from southern China who are great swimmers.

25. The word “Ketchup”, first emerged from a Chinese word called pickled-fish sauce.

26. China is also famous for its martial arts which include kung fu. Kung fu is a famous martial art, which is also called wushu or quanfa. 

27. Intricate Knots is a famous artwork that belongs to china. These Intricate Knots are mostly used as gifts and also signifies good luck.

28. Do you know, the stones which were used to build the Great wall were fully made up of sticky rice.

29. China’s flag is very simple which is entirely red with five stars on the left-hand upper corner. China also stands first for its cultural hub and of course, for trade. 

30. An Interesting Fact: with $1.00 you can live a day in China sufficiently. 

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