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These 5 things you learn about saving money for travel may push you to make new plans!


Do you wish to travel for a while? Or go on frequent vacations? Of course, there is a myth that travel is a hobby meant for the affluent. Most of us think that people who travel are born with a silver spoon, work high paying jobs, have won a lottery, possess a rich bestie or a celebrity — thanks to movies for creating such a notion. Forget it. Good news for those who love to travel is you don’t have to be rich; you should just be creative enough to save money for your travel. It is as simple as that. 

Just remember that budgeting effectively is not actually scary. Perhaps, when you have full control of your money, your confidence will rise. If you have the right mindset and you are clear on your goal, saving money for your travel is a piece of cake.

1. Track your expenses. Write down how you spend each and every penny. This will give you an insight on the unnecessary expenses. Make sure you eliminate them next time.

2. Have a separate bank account and deposit your savings for travel in there. 

3. Know the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. You may cut down your extra beers, cappuccinos, cigars, new clothes, and so on. 

4. Try to develop habits that help you save money. For instance, try to cook at home rather than eating outside; cancel your gym membership and try running, hiking and body weight exercises. 

5. Sell unused items and make some extra cash.

6. What about earning extra money on the side? Do some research and find out the kind of part-time positions that match your talents and skill set. This income will help you make lots of money in a short period of time. What’s more? You can even earn as you travel. There are many jobs that just demand a laptop and your time. 

7. Another major concern is debt. Make sure you delete debt from your life. Consulting a debt counselor helps.

8. Stay away from shopping. Most of the times, it just starts out as window shopping and finally, you will have to break your bank. So, refrain from shopping as much as possible.

It all starts with small baby steps. Stay committed and you will definitely get there. 

All the best — Chase your travel dreams confidently.