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5 Things Nobody Told You About Emotional Eating

Health Central & BBC

Apart from hunger, we tend to eat for too many other reasons. Down the line, it is stress, boredom, carving, loneliness, bad day and so on. 40% of people eat for reasons other than hunger. Because eating makes you feel satisfied and rewarded. Watching television or scrolling newsfeeds in the phone while eating will lead to overeating. You will not know if your hunger is addressed or how many pizza slices you actually ate because you are not even paying attention to it in the first place. 

It is not a bad idea to gift yourself a bar of chocolate or scoop of ice-cream after a win. But, if it is about putting up with your emotional imbalance, it is to backfire in many ways. Sometimes people eat when they think there is nothing else to do and boredom occupies the mind endlessly. But the consequences it may lead to is not as pleasant an experience. From being an eating disorder, it slowly creeps in to elevate the blood pressure or blood sugar level leading to disease. So, emotional eating is just an unhealthy way of living. 

However, it is possible to gain control of this over-eating due to stress or depression or boredom. And the step one is Realization. Realizing that you are eating a lot tan required even without feeling hungry can actually help you march further towards cutting down this habit. 

When you want to grab a burger or order for a meal because you feel like eating, ask yourself if that really is hunger. Question your appetite, sit back and sip on a glass of water. Maybe you were just thirsty. Never skip meals. Set a food routine and eat regularly on time because staying away from food for too long can make you carve for more bites. Stock just the healthy food inside refrigerator. Only a superhuman can walk into the kitchen to see a fridge full of junk food and still reach for a protein shake kept in one corner. Stock wisely.

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The one worst decision to make when you feel hungry is to shop! You are very likely to pick up every other edible thing you see from the hyper store. This not just adds to unhealthy eating but shoots up your grocery bill in multifold. One healthy alternative for snacking fries is to munch on whole fruits, cherries and berries. Sipping a hot cup of black tea instead of a cool drink can also keep you out of risking a cardiac arrest. List out all that you carve for, if it is unhealthy, search and decide on a healthy alternative.