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50 Psychology Facts You Should Know

Understanding the psychology behind human behavior and most importantly, how our mind works is truly appealing. Here are some 50 facts to know and share.

Of course, learning something new is always entertaining and interesting. And, if it’s about human behavior, it’s definitely a treat. Knowing some psychology facts definitely helps us improve our relationships, choices, and overall life experience. 

We, at Infographics Partner, have compiled a cool list of the most useful and interesting psychology facts to help you understand yourself and people around you in a better way. What’s significant here is these psychology facts are based on psychological studies in reputed universities and research institutions. 

So, are you ready? Here we go.

1. Announcing your goals to other people reduces your chance of succeeding. Studies state that you lose motivation.

2. A broken heart can lead to death. It is referred to as stress cardiomyopathy.

3. Biochemically, being involved in a romantic love relationship is the same as having an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!

4. The truly smart and intelligent people tend to underestimate themselves while the ignorant ones think they are too brilliant!

5. Anxiety is not what it was earlier. Today, the level of anxiety in the average school child is the same as that of the average psychiatric patient six decades ago.

6. People who entertain others, comedians and funny people, are known to be more depressed compared to others. 

7. When someone says that they want to ask you something, 98% of the time, you start recollecting all the bad things you did in recent times. 


8. Dreams are not just dreams. 70% contain secret messages. What you see in your dreams has something to convey to you. Be attentive. To unleash the meaning of the most common dreams, read Top 10 Most Common Dreams and What They Tell Us?

9. Whatever your mind thinks and says, your body cells react to it. In fact, negativity takes a toll on your immune system and makes you sick. 

10. Some color combinations are hard on your eyes. This effect is known as Chromostereopsis. For instance, red and blue, red and green, etc. Such combinations are annoying, fatiguing, and cause a depth effect. So, if you are a web designer or a visual designer, ensure you avoid using these color combinations. 

11. No matter how hard you try not to notice food, sex, or danger in your surroundings, you will always end up noticing them. 

12. Friendships that bloom between 16 and 28 years of age are more likely to last longer. 

13. Men who have a deep husky voice are generally preferred by women. 

14. People who exhibit a strong sense of shame and guilt are much better at understanding the thoughts and feelings of others. 

15. Most of us think that men are funnier than women. But, studies confirm that men aren’t funnier than women. All they do is crack more jokes and they just don’t care whether or not people like their sense of humor. 

16. There are twice as many pain receptors as men in women’s bodies; however, women can tolerate pain much better than men. 

17. “Good morning” and “Good night” texts are known to activate the part of your brain that’s responsible for happiness. 

18. Do you know the average amount of time a secret can be kept by a woman? 47 hours and 15 minutes! (My goodness! What a topic to do research on!)

19. Women that have more male friends than female friends seem to stay in a good mood more often.

20. People that speak two or more languages are known to shift their personalities unconsciously as they switch between languages.

21. Studies prove that travel boosts your brain health. Also, it minimizes the risk of depression and heart attack.


22. People appear more attractive when they talk about something they are truly interested in.

23. During a conversation, a person turning his/her feet slightly away from the other person or moving one foot repeatedly in an outward direction indicates a definite sign of disagreement.

24. After death, a person has seven minutes of brain activity. During those seven minutes, the person sees memories like a dream.

25. What you wear and how you wear affects your mood. It’s not just about the color. Dressing well is known to help keep you happy and stable.

26. Asking yourself goal-related questions like “Will I?” motivates you more than a declaration like “I will.”

27. The stricter the rule is, the more you want to break it.

28. Actually, fear is a good feeling when you are not in danger. For example, watching scary movies give you dopamine, adrenaline, and endorphins. Though your brain knows well that you aren’t in danger, you still get theses hormones secreted which is actually good for you. 

29. You always obsess over something you lack. For instance, money.

30. There are people who are actually afraid to experience too much happiness. That is because they believe that the happy episode may be followed by a tragic one.

31. Scientists claim that most internet trolls and comments are naturally narcissistic, psychopathic, and sadistic in nature. 

32. Some people suffer from Truman syndrome. Patients with this syndrome believe that they are celebrities and so they live their life like they are in a reality show. 

33. Nearly a million men in Japan lock themselves for years in their bedrooms. This is a common mental health problem in Japanese males and it is called Hikikomori. 

34. Nearly 6% of the world population has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Symptoms include an apparent lack of empathy and exhibiting a sharp sense of self-importance. 

35. Most people have the urge to visit a beach when they need a vacation. The psychological reason behind this is the very sight of water has a soothing effect which makes you calmer, happier, and more creative. 

36. If you have a plan B, the chances of your plan A to work is probably less. 

37. Our brains have a “negativity bias” which makes us get inclined to negative things more than positive things. In fact, it takes 5 positive things to balance a single negative thing! 

38. It is impossible to multitask, ie, do several things at the same time. While you can switch between two or more tasks in a given point of time, you can focus on only one at a time. 

39. The human mind is wired to always find a problem. When one problem resolves, you automatically start thinking of another regardless of how relevant it is to your life. 

40. Have you noticed this thing: you would open Facebook to just check the notifications but you keep scrolling aimlessly without actually clicking or interacting! Well, you are not alone. Psychologists claim that social media is designed to be addictive.

41. Sometimes, expectant fathers are likely to experience symptoms of pregnancy like weight gain, backache, nausea, and strange food cravings. 

42. Your favorite song is actually not about the song or the music or the lyrics. It is because you associate the song with a person or an emotional event. 


43. 68% of people are known to suffer from a condition wherein they feel that their phone is vibrating but actually it’s not. It’s called Phantom Vibration Syndrome.

44. Studies suggest that a person that loses his/her mobile phone experiences a panic that is similar to NDE (near-death experience)! 

45. People seem to be more honest when they are physically tired. Hence, they confess a lot of things when they go to bed, right before sleep. 

46. New research suggests that phobias could be memories that are passed down in the DNA through generations.

47. People are more likely to ignore those who adore them and pay more attention to people who ignore them. 

48. In contrary to the popular belief that opposites attract and likes repel, psychologically speaking, you are usually attracted by someone with similar thoughts and looks. 

49. Holding hands with a person you love could reduce physical pain, stress, and fear.

50. Research shows that good relationships are far more important than exercise for people to live longer. 

We’re sure these psychology facts are enlightening. Hope these facts make you more knowledgeable and interested in how the human mind works!