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7 Facts That Nobody Told You About Instagram

In this age of smartphones, it has become very usual for people to click pictures without needing an actual camera. This has also evolved into mobile photography and become very much affordable for those who are more than just interested in clicking pictures. Provided this, it is also a trend to have a social media profile where you can exhibit the pictures you clicked. Starting from Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, Facebook, Posterous, photo bucket and so on, Instagram is one among the five top social networking websites used widely across the globe. It has more than five million active user accounts.

Interestingly, Instagram has more female users than male. Also, data says, most users fall under the age group of 25 to 35. Do you have a friend who prevents you from touching the food because he needs a picture of it before you eat it? When you have it, flaunt it! Why not! Counting a large number of food photographs, self-portraits, memes, professional photos, travel clicks and all that, the number of photo uploads in Instagram has crossed a hundred million!

Including your morning breakfast and the lunch update, there are more than 860,000 uploads made on Instagram per day and is shared! You can literally record every day of your life, every season into a profile! That is one amazing thing! About 2500 apps access to the Instagram site’s API.

Like any other social networking site, tags play a crucial role in Instagram too. Adding the suffix ‘tagram’ to any word makes it a typical Insta hashtag. Like, Cats of Instagram becomes Catstagram, Food posts with tags Foodstagram and so on. The tags that top the trending list is iphonography, cat, sky, dog, flower, JJ, sunset, food, clouds and nonfilter. Cat seconds the list and dog just the fourth! So more cat people in the world or cats are better posers! The trending tags keep varying in their ranks though! More than any other site, tags are a lot more helpful in this site. You can actually see at least a dozen tags in every picture uploaded.

Instagram allows you to add several filters to the pictures you upload. Based on the nature and mood of the photo, each filter enhances the emotion it conveys. The most common filters used are earlybird, X-Pro II, Brannan, Hefe, Nashville, Lomo-fi, Toaster, Gotham, Walden and 1977.

Apart from treating it as just another social networking site, making the best use of Instagram can connect you with people with similar interests in any part of the world.