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7 Things Nobody Told You About Child Sex Tourism


The commercial exploitation of children by men or women who travel from one place to another, generally from a richer country to a financially backward country and engage in sexual acts with children under the age of 18 is child sex tourism. According to the United Nations, anyone below the age of 18 is a child. Around 2 million children across the globe are victims of child sex tourism. 

Unfortunately, most of the child prostitutes are below the age of 12. A single child prostitute serves over 1500 clients in just a year. This is more common in countries that are underdeveloped, has conflicts or a population explosion.

Taking an account of the expenses of an average businessman involving in this, a flight to Bangkok costs 1,609 dollars, a hotel room costs 211 dollars per night, a meal costs around 22.81 dollars, a taxi ride 6.50 dollars and he pays the child prostitute a 5 dollar! Analyzing the country from where the sex tourists travel from, 25% of them are Americans, 18% of them are Germans, 14% are Australians and 18% of them are found to be British! All developed countries.

Regarding the health of children involving in sex tourism, over 78% of these children acquire a sexually transmitted disease. About 90% of the children rescued from brothels are infected with the HIV virus. Sex tourists find the risk of getting an STD to be lesser when it is a child prostitute. 8 out of 12 child prostitutes will have an abortion.

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Most of the developing and under-developed countries in the world are human trafficking hotspots. Almost all sex workers reportedly involve in substance abuse, commonly drugs, alcohol and other similar substances. In India, it takes less than 48 hours for a street child to be lured into prostitution. Brazil has 500,000 prostitutes who are below 18 years of age. In Kenya, about 30% of the child prostitutes are tested to be HIV positive. Colombia has about 65,000 child prostitutes.

Now getting all these numbers and data into the head, is this what a child could lest deserve for being born? Should this be allowed to expand and grow? A child’s life is worth protecting just like every other life on earth. As a responsible adult, it is our very duty to prevent human trafficking and protect children from it. Be compassionate and act when something is wrong. Compassion helps in stopping the abuse before it can even start.