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8 Secret Ways for Effective Learning

Apart from the lessons we take up in schools and colleges, we tend to learn one or the other things in our day to day life. Below are some keys that will guide you for effective learning.

Keep questioning

Whether you are reading from a book or your tutor tells you, never hesitate to question it. This will improve the quality of your learning process. Only with doubts will we get proper clarifications. ‘Why’ is one of the most valuable keys for progress in learning.  A curious mind is all you need!

Use all your senses

When we are into learning, we tend to get easily distracted, particularly if it is a one-way mode. Imparting multiple senses during the process can actually grab most of your attention into it. There are specific tools designed for multi-sensory learning which might be of great use for people with learning disabilities.

Teach others

The one thing that multiplies as you share is knowledge. After listening to an hour lecture if you try teaching a friend, you can easily review how much of it you have understood. You may even get questions on it which you missed to think of while listening to it. Learning by teaching is more effective because it benefits two or more people!

Connect to your ideas

Mind mapping and trying to connect things you learn to things you already know has much to do with the remembering part. We often tend to forget details because we go through quite a lot of things. In that case, when you can far-fetch from memory and relate to your thoughts as you are learning, you create a network of ideas and make it even stronger by adding to it.

Test your hands

Getting practical about your subject is much more crucial and impactful than just reading it from books, listening to a tutor and then reproducing it. When you experiment with things for yourself, it aids you in understanding it better.


It is a battle to remember all the things that you read or learn. But when you have to, read it, re-read it, understand the gist instead of just trying to push it to your head for the sake of remembering!

Give it a try

Taking a test can make you understand where you actually stand. It can help you to evaluate how much you have learnt and also aid you in progressing further.

Set your rhythm

Not all of us are the same. So is our pace. The strength and weakness differ between each of us. Some might grab things too quick where others will need a little more time. Hence always feel free and positive to work on your own comfortable pace!