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9 Simple Emotional Intelligence Practices to Stay Happy and Productive

Stressful situations at work take a toll on your mood, relationships, productivity, and health. This infographic shows you ways to create a calming zone within you.

There is no denying the fact that constant change, work pressure, uncertainty, and multi-tasking make life really stressful that you are unable to create a balance between work, family, and personal space. As this stress gets bottled up, you can see that negativity takes over in every aspect of life. That is exactly why you need emotional intelligence to cope up with the stresses of this modern life and have a Calming Zone within yourself where you can unwind and reset.

This is such a meaningful infographic that explains 9 simple practices that make you emotionally intelligent and eventually, a happy productive person.

As you put these ideas into practice, you will realize that you 

1. Become calm and composed

2. Are open to ideas

3. Become a good decision maker

4. Gain the potential to handle tricky situations 

5. Become more productive

6. Are able to maintain positive relationships (at work and home)

We are sure these tips are quite helpful. Let us know your thoughts.