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A Quick Look at Internet Firsts — The first Instagram picture is too cute!


“First!” has its own value — a symbol of unparalleled pride and achievement. 

The internet has changed this world to a much smaller place. From elephants at a zoo to a cute picture of a dog, the above infographic takes you on an exciting trip down the memory lane.

Things and people weren’t so connected before the internet. Before 1960s, communication wasn’t established between two computers. However, in the late eighties, computers became so compact that they made a permanent place in the mainstream market. But, it was during the turn of the century the real information age experienced today was born. 

The internet has a profound effect on our lives in a lot of different ways. Our modern lives are today dominated by our Smartphones. Most importantly, the internet is with us no matter where we are. But, all these “Internet things” we have now started to take for granted came from humble beginnings. 

Who knows, probably the next big thing is happening in a basement or a garage somewhere and we are all waiting for it to take over our world to the next level!