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All You Need To Know About Women In Tourism

Tourism is a major source of income in many of the world’s countries. 10% of the total economic activity on the planet is actually supported by tourism. Counting leisure travels, business trips, family tours, tourists spend over 200 billion dollars in different emerging marketing countries. More than 83% of the developing countries see tourism as the principal export. And now that is because about 47% of all international travelers choose developing countries for traveling.

Provided all the big numbers, more women employees are involved in the tourism industry. The hotel and restaurant sector has one of the highest rates of women employers globally. Latin America leads the count, followed by Africa and the Asian continent, where 29% of employers are women!

There are several organizations like Planeterra which goes an extra mile in this. These organizations directly employ 66 million women into the travel and tourism industry across the globe! They use this as a space to create a positive change which can possibly influence other people too.

And here, women don’t stop with being an employee or an employer who pulls in people. They take charge of the power and become the deciding authority too. As you rightly see, worldwide, 1 out of 5 ministers of tourism is women! When more than half the people involved in this industry are women, this number is quite not on the fair side. We are way far away from where we should reach. The marching needs a catalyst to speed up!

More than 66% of the world’s work is getting done by the female gender. Coming to the production of food, 50% of those involved are women. About 60 to 70% of world’s total labour force is made up of women. And 55% of the tourism workforce constitutes women. Data thus says almost more than half of the working force is women.

However, in most places, women are not paid or promoted based on their work. Gender bias takes a major role in workplaces. Underpaid and not easily promoted because she is female by gender is quite very common workplace arrogance across the globe. As per data, women only earn 10% of the world’s income, own only 1% of the world’s property, manage just 10% of world’s largest companies, makeup to not more than 15% of tourism company board members. Almost 20% of women earn much lesser than their male counterparts in tourism jobs.

Call it modern day slavery or anything, discrimination of an employee only because there is a gender difference is so demeaning and insulting. Keeping away the gender ego at the least at workplaces may lead to a better future.