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Amazing Tips for Parents to Effectively Manage Screen Time of Children

Excessive screen time affects children in terms of health and overall development. However, parents can follow these ideas to get their children away from screens.

Gone are days when parents were worried about children spending too much time outdoors due to concerns of over-exhaustion, getting hurt, or being scorched by the sun. Now, those days appear like a glorious past for parents. How they wish times had remained the same!

Today, children are glued to their couches for hours, either binge-watching television or playing games on the mobile phone.  And, this behaviour has increased drastically during this pandemic, making parents go crazy and helpless about the situation. 

Good news is that there are ways parents can follow to bring about a behavioural change in their children and manage their screen time effectively. The infographic shares some valuable information for parents to help them promote their family's lifestyle to a much healthier one. 

If you are a parent, what do you feel about excessive screen time of kids? Have your say in the comments section.