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10 things about a kiss you should learn to make it an everyday ritual


Of course, you already are an expert kisser. But, did you know that the science of kissing (you read it right!) is called philematology? Read on. There’s a lot more exciting stuff to know about this lovely trick. 

While the sound of a kiss isn’t so loud, its echo lasts much longer. In fact, it’s possible for a woman to reach orgasm through an act of kissing! 

When you feel good chemistry kissing someone, you pave way for healthy children.

Next time, try holding hands while kissing. What an exciting way to reduce your blood pressure and stress! 

Kissing for one minute burns 26 calories, studies suggest. A French kiss involves use of 34 muscles in your face — yep, all the 34 muscles of your face! The pucker kiss involves just two muscles. No offence. True - It’s just as sweet as the French kiss. 

Make your love stronger and deeper with kisses. Is there a better way to communicate to a soul than a passionate kiss — without uttering a single word? Never take the act of kissing - passionate kissing lightly. Done rightly, it ignites a fire within, and can do more than what any touch can ever do. Perhaps, it can breathe life into the soul, stop time and make you immortal.