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Not-so-new yet awesome ideas to learn to make your mother feel special on Mother’s Day


So, Mother’s Day is round the corner…the thought of surprising this wonderful person in a unique way keeps flashing in your mind every now and then. How to make your mother feel appreciated? How to express your love for her in action? What to do something different for her?

Well, it’s true that one size doesn’t fit all. There cannot be one answer for all these questions that suit everyone. But, a few ideas can help you get there — a memorable day for you and your mother. 

With life leaving us with no time for celebrations, sending a Mother’s Day text or a card is an easy choice. However, it is a perfect ‘No-brainer’. Always keep it as the last option. 

Knowing your mother and her interests is the key to getting her what she would actually enjoy and cherish. Learn what she likes and frame your gift pertaining to that. Book a table at her favourite restaurant if she is a ‘foodie’. A better option? Give her a day’s rest and cook some great dishes for her. There cannot be a greater way to please a mother. In fact, she will feel proud of your thoughtfulness. 

It’s true that ‘Time’ is the greatest gift you can present anyone — and, for your mother who spent most of her time on you, it’s an ultimate thing to do. Spend the day with her. If she likes to travel, take her to a beautiful place amidst nature — a hill, a waterfall, a stream or a beach. 

The most unforgettable moments of our life are created with a very few special people. Find the person whom your mother would love to spend time with — may be her best friend, a colleague, a neighbour or a cousin. Arrange for a meeting and help them celebrate the day. This could easily turn out to be a real surprise for her. 

Friends, this is just a good place to start provided you are stuck for ideas to celebrate this Mother’s Day. It is up to you to find your mom’s likes and dislikes and make her soul feel appreciated and loved, not only on this Mother’s Day but every other day of her life. The infographic throws light on the gifts you could possibly consider for this Mother’s Day.

Good luck!