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Boost Your Immune System to Battle Covid-19 with these Top 5 Spices

A strong immune system is the need of the hour. Watch out for the spices you can add to your diet to boost your immunity and shield your body from infections.

Looks like the Coronavirus is going to stay for long on the planet. And, if there is one thing that we could do now to shield us from the deadly Covid-19 infection, it is to boost our immunity besides following the other safety precautions.

The infographic clearly shows the top 5 spices to strengthen your immune system and keep you safe from infections.  The best part is that you can easily add these spices to your daily food. For those who find it difficult to remember adding these while cooking, you can make a concoction of these amazing spices and drink it every day or every other day depending on your requirement.  

Feel free to key in your tips on how to build the immune system. We'd love to read those!