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Celebrity geeks you probably had no idea about


The only thing common about geeks is that they are geeks! And, geeks are everywhere. It is quite easy to judge people by their looks. All of us dress to impress and speak in a way to seek attention. But, within each one of us, just like any other human, there is a person. In all professions, you will find geeks — politicians, doctors, actors, etc. In fact, there are a lot of celebrity geeks you had never imagined. 

The infographic gives you interesting information on some of the celebrity geeks. Some of them may be your favourite too. For instance, Alyssa Milano, a super talented actress & baseball fanatic seems to share geeky stuff on Twitter. Jeri Ryan is another celebrity geek who treats her social media followers with great geek content. Cindy Crawford, a supermodel, was passionate about chemical engineering and was set up on a full academic scholarship before she became a full-time model. It’s always exciting to peep into the world of celebrities and watch them closely. For more such fun stuff about celebrities, view the infographic.