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Most Downloaded Apps in the US During the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly increased the download rate of various useful apps. Have a look at the most downloaded apps.

The infographic shows how the video calling / conferencing app Zoom topped the download charts in March 2020 as the number of Americans working from home increased exponentially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Yeah, Zoom is being highly downloaded despite the privacy and security concerns it imposes.   

Reliable sources report that there is a growing demand for video chatting apps; hence, Google Classroom, Hangouts Meet, and Houseparty are also on the list. Well, these apps are generally downloaded for professional purposes. 

What about entertainment apps? The chart also shows that Americans didn't fail to keep them entertained as well. They have also downloaded video sharing and games apps like TikTok, Save the Girl and Perfect Cream in large numbers.     

So, what was the app that you downloaded during the pandemic?