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Learn about these Instagram marketing mistakes to be safe from being blacklisted


If you are using Instagram as a tool to promote your brand/business, you would have studied in detail about the various strategies to generate traffic and engage your audience. But, have you ever thought about what you shouldn’t do (knowingly or unknowingly) on Instagram? Yep. If you commit these marketing mistakes on Instagram, you will probably be blacklisted, costing you your valuable followers, customers and sales. 

In short, you should avoid spammy comments, plagiarism in terms of content, posting without relevant hashtags, posting wrong/irrelevant content, using an Instagram name that is not optimized, using Instagram as billboard, using links in captions, poor grammar and inappropriate vocabulary, lack of an overall strategy and not using a game plan when using DMs (direct messages). 

The above infographics has a clear explanation on what should not be done on Instagram when you intend to promote or market your brand/business. Bear in mind these points when you next post on Instagram. All the best!