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Learn whether you should clean things in your house every day


Cleaning is not my cup of tea. While I watch my friends and neighbours being experts in tackling household chores, I always find it challenging to keep the living space tidy. Do you feel the same? Well, join the club. Good news is this handy infographic created by Good Housekeeping shows you how often you should clean things in your house so that the whole task becomes much simpler.

A few cleaning tasks are mandatory every day. That includes wiping the kitchen counters, sweeping the kitchen and sanitizing the sinks. Also, do your laundry on a daily basis if needed. 

The weekly cleaning regimen includes changing your bedding, mopping the floors of all your rooms and cleaning the kitchen appliances like microwave, mixer, etc. 

An important tip: Researchers suggest that rather than sanitizing the scrubs every week, replace it with a new one. 

What comes in as a breather is that you can time your other chores in a more flexible manner. Cleaning the insides of the refrigerator and washing machine can be done once in every three to six months and bigger projects such as deep cleaning windows and carpets can be done annually.

Regular cleaning should be done smartly. There are different cleaning hacks to help you speed up this process. For instance, you can use baking soda to clean tough stains and greases in sinks. Also, there are many products in the market to make cleaning really an easy task, especially for lazy people like me. 

Check out the infographic for more information. Happy cleaning!