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Learn about these top ten things to avoid in kitchen remodeling


Are you planning to update your kitchen? Well, before you enter the world of remodeling, you have to consider a few things to make this process smoother. 

Remodeling a kitchen does demand a lot of effort and of course, a lot of money. You should avoid making costly mistakes. So, what should you avoid?

  1. Don’t sweat over the small stuff. Small add-ons and storage features might seem small but they are crucial to increase the efficiency of your kitchen. 
  2. The sink, the stove and the refrigerator together form the ‘work triangle’ of your kitchen. Plan their location efficiently.
  3. Don’t compromise on your counter space. Use shelving supports or decorative corbels to extend this space.
  4. Don’t do it all by yourself. Yes, the designing part. Even if you are an expert, consult with a kitchen design expert for ideas and tips for better results. 
  5. When the kitchen remodeling work is going on, don’t forget to protect the other rooms of your house from paint drippings, dust and debris.
  6. Never forget your budget. Plan well in advance and allocate your finances accordingly.
  7. A kitchen upgrade means a lot and costs a lot. So, be cautious about making new additions and selecting new features to your home. 
  8. Don’t forget the cabinet hardware, flooring, backsplash treatment, and wall colour. Examine how all these elements combine together to put a perfect show.
  9. There are many homeowners that choose their appliances towards the end after the remodeling work is over. It is a big mistake. Always choose your appliances like the dish washer, refrigerator, and stove first before the actual process.
  10. Don’t miss out on storage solutions like pantries and super cabinets. They help maximize your kitchen.

Hope this helps.