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Don’t Miss these Top 10 Amusing Facts About China

China is one of the most happening countries in the world, for many reasons. We have collected 10 unbelievable facts about China you will surely enjoy and share.

All of us know that China is one of the biggest countries in the world. Now, let’s have a sneak peek into how crazy-big is China. After reading these facts below, you will feel like if there was ever a contest for “the craziest country in the world”, China would win hands down!

  1. 1 Chin Up!

    The Chinese army has to undergo strict training and some of their disciplinary practices are legendary. To make sure the chin-up posture of the army officers remains perfect, pins are attached to their shirt collars!  Cunning or Wise?!

  2. 2 Second Christ!


    There's a branch of Christianity here in China with a belief that Jesus is alive and He lives in China in the form of a Chinese woman! 

    This sect is also known as the "The Church of the Almighty God". They believe and preach that this woman is the "Second Christ". However, this group is currently cited as a cult and often referred to as a terrorist organization!    

  3. 3 "Leftover Women"


    Sheng Nu is a term used widely in China. It means "Leftover women". In China, women who remain single above 25  years of age are referred to as leftover women. While the term originated in China, now it has spread across North America and rest of Asia as well. There is even a movie made based on this name - Leftover Women in the year 2019.  

  4. 4 Traffic Jam that Lasted 12 Days!


    If you get pissed off waiting for five minutes stuck in a traffic jam, this fact might freak you out! China witnessed the longest traffic jam that lasted 12 long days. It stretched over 60 miles along the Beijing-Tibet Expressway. There were days when the vehicles moved just one mile. It seems the drivers killed time playing cards. 

  5. 5 Virgin boy eggs!


    This is one of the weirdest traditions of China. In Dongyang of Zhejiang province, every spring, an "exotic" delicacy is popularly sold - Virgin boy eggs. The eggs are boiled in the urine collected from young boys and simmered for a long time and served. Millions of people enjoy eating these eggs during springtime. Of course, it sounds too grotesque. But, it is believed that virgin boy eggs affect one's health positively - purifies the blood and provides energy.  

  6. 6 Earth's rotation slowed down by a dam so big!


    If there is one engineering marvel that truly deserves the "mind-blowing" title, it is the Three Gorges Dam in China. The dam is known to hold about 39.3 cubic kms of water. And, the most unusual part is that this dam is so huge that its construction managed to slow down the rotation of the earth!  Mind blown, right?

    However, we should mention that this effect is microscopic. It is cited that the Three Gorges Dam tends to add 0.06 microseconds to a day. Though a negligible number, isn't it amusing to know that the dam is so massive that it managed to add a measurable amount of time to each day?! 

  7. 7 Geese substitute Guard Dogs


    Most of us know of this term "dirty goose". Looks like we can't insult this bird anymore! The police in the rural part of the Xingjiang province of China have found the unique guarding skills of this bird and have started using them in place of guard dogs! 

    They are using flocks of geese to efficiently keep away intruders and warn them of possible threats. All credit goes to the keen vision and aggressive nature of the geese.  

  8. 8 Body Doubles - Substitute Criminal


    Well, this fact is really shocking! In China, the practice of convicted defendants hiring "body doubles" who serve their sentences has become common. 

    The wealthiest in China seems to escape everything including murder or any other equivalent crime. The practice has become so common in the country that they have a term for it: ti-shen or ding zui which means "Substitute criminal". In fact, it is possible to hire a substitute criminal for $31 per day of the entire jail time served.  

    If you are interested to know more about this unusual fact, go to

  9. 9 Longer the nails, the wealthier you are!


    A lot of Chinese believe that long nails are a symbol of wealth. Well, it's not the long polished nails of beautiful Chinese women we are talking about. 

    Wait for the weirdness. In China, men prefer to grow their nails long to show off their luxurious lifestyles. Sounds unusual, right? Alright, it does make some sense when you look closely. Physical work demands your nails to be cut short. Only the white-collar fellows can afford to grow long nails. 

    Uff!! that's too much logic! 

    (We too had this doubt. How to use the smartphone and other gadgets with long nails? any idea?)

  10. 10 Open - Crotch Pants !!


    Oh my! This can't get weirder!

    Open-crotch pants or Chinese split pants (kai dang ku) - have you heard of this before? We bet you are going to laugh your heart out when sharing this piece of information with anyone near you, especially if you are a westerner. 

    See, these Chinese kids have an unusual toilet etiquette.  Many babies and toddlers in China wear a type of special pants that comes with a huge hole bottom! Whenever they feel the need to pee or make poo, they just squat wherever they are and do it. The Chinese call this an eco life and consider this practice highly effective and practical. 

    To know more about these open-crotch pants, go to

    We are sure you enjoyed reading these really funny, shocking, weird, and mindblowing facts about the most important country in the world, China. If you liked what you read, kindly share it with your friends and family. And, do post your comments on which fact made you go "Wow" or "WTF" or "OMG".