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Factors of CO2 Emissions in UK cities

UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Eurostat

Carbon emissions mean the release of the element carbon into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide forms the largest part of greenhouse gases. Hence, speaking about carbon emissions is the same as talking about greenhouse gas emissions, especially when discussing the greenhouse effect or global warming.   

The industrial revolution has increased the burning of fossil fuels to a great extent. This correlates to the increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, eventually worsening global warming. 

CO2 emissions trap heat in the atmosphere and hence cause drastic changes in climate. Besides, they produce smog and air pollution that contribute to various respiratory diseases. Other ill effects of climate change brought about by CO2 emissions include food supply disruptions, increased wildfires, and extreme weather.   

Only if we understand the contributing factors of CO2 emissions, can we devise appropriate methods to control it and save the world from environmental hazards. 

The infographic clearly shows the key sources of CO2 emissions in the UK cities: Transport, Energy Supply, Businesses, Residential, Agriculture, Waste from landfills and water, Land Use, Industry, and Public Sector. 

Finding some potential solutions to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions in each sector would definitely reduce global warming and its harmful effects on earth.