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Facts you never knew about how to be happy


Needless to say, “How to be happy?” is a trillion-dollar question. Happiness is what each and every one of us craves for in this life. Sometimes, we would possess everything that we once longed for. Still, we feel a void. In other words, despite the countless blessings we have received in life, we are not happy. Well, how to overcome this empty feeling and make happiness the way of life?  

Let’s look at happiness from a scientific viewpoint. Happiness is a state of mind. Often we hear people advising us that it’s all about our mindset and it just takes a second to choose happiness. Easy said than done, being in a happy state of mind is an art and needs practice. To keep it simple, not many of us are aware of the “happy hormones” in our body that get triggered by certain activities - exercise, a long walk, a cozy drive, meeting a friend, consuming certain foods, spending time with a loved one, travelling, helping others, feeling gratitude, having a fulfilling sex, short romantic episodes, being mindful, pondering on beautiful memories, playing with a kid, learning something new, being productive at work, volunteering and lots more. With consistent practice of such activities, our body helps us embrace happiness that lasts longer. 

There might be umpteen reasons for you to feel unhappy. Let it pass. The time has arrived for you to push your limits and pave way for a ‘happier you’. Trust me, YOU DESERVE HAPPINESS.

What are you waiting for? Jumpstart your happiness — Meditate, meet a bestie, share, help, thank, learn, travel, walk, work out…Do anything but DO IT! There is no tomorrow. Do it today. Discover how to be happy today, RIGHT NOW!