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Famous Indian Dog Breeds

The “INDIAN DOGS “ are the most intelligent and active breeds in the world dogs.

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Indian breed dogs are also used for hunting by the hunters. They are fast, brave, some are also good looking. They are classified into many types based on their specialty. Some of them are listed below,

  • Bully Kutta - It is an Indian mastiff which is a large working dog that oriented in the Indian subcontinent, dating back to the 16th century. More than a working dog, Bully Kutta is also a guard dog and a hunting is most popular in the Punjab region.

  • Bakharwal - It is an ancient working dog among the Indian breeds, which has been bred for many centuries by the Bakharwal tribes as a livestock guardian and settlement protector. This dog was also used by our Indian police to capture militants across the country.

  • Kombai - it is a hound dog from south India, which was bred to hunt boar, bison and deers since the early 9th century.

  • Rajapalayam - this Indian dog is a guard dog developed in the Rajapalayam region in Tamil Nadu. It was said that these Indian dogs were used to fight against the British cavalry in a few battles. These dogs are also used in the Indian army as guard dogs in the Kashmir border.

  • Chippiparai - This Indian dog has its origin from Madurai district Tamil Nadu, which was used to hunt boars, deers, and hare. They were kept as a symbol of royalty and dignity.

  • Kadai Kutta - It is also a mastiff-type Indian dog developed in the Himalayan regions. They used to protect the people from leopards and other predators. These Indian dogs are also claimed to be more intelligent enough to be herding dogs as well.

  • Mudhol Hound - Like all other Indian dogs, this is also a hunting dog and also a guarding dog which is known by various names across the cultures and groups.

  • Rampur Hound - This Indian dog has its origin from  North India, which lies between Delhi and Bareily. These dogs were used to protect people against fierce animals like jackals, lions, tigers, leopards, and panthers.

These are some native varieties of Indian dogs that originated from Indian country. Some of the Indian dogs are also in the endangered species list. So we people have the responsibility to save those dogs from getting extinct. We people have to encourage adopting those types of Indian dogs, rather than buying foreign breeds. 

As a dog lover, I have a country dog who is a very intelligent and active dog too. His name is Mr. Fox.

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