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5 Important Facts That You Should Know About Social Networking At Work Place


Given that people are so curious about updating daily events in social media then and there, prohibitions of social media usage at the workplace does have an effect on the employees. 1 in 3 employees in the United Kingdom enjoys poking people on the internet when at work.

Not many employers are cool with social networking within office premises. 28% of companies block any social networking sites, whereas 40% of companies limit the access provided. In certain companies where employees are allowed to use social media during the lunch break, only 33% of them prefer using it and 67% still decides to stay away. Well, in fact, 2 out of 3 employees even think that companies are right in blocking such sites.

Anyways, there are 32% of employers who don’t block and have no social media policies particularly. It is a piece of interesting information that people who work in such companies are found to be more happier and in turn much more productive when compared to the others.

Among the different sectors, more than 40% of people from IT and marketing firm are more active in social networking sites while at work. 33% of engineers and 27% of people dealing with finance find it cool to stay online during work. Almost 35% of employees use social networking sites for business reasons, 10% for personal use, whereas 55% for both the reasons. Not many of us have individual profiles for personal and business usage though! The site's employees visit also differ from firm to firm. However, Facebook leads irrespective of the industry, followed by LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

Since certain companies block social networking sites in the devices that they provide, almost 64% of employees access the sites in their own mobile devices and the rest through work computer. Imagine your boss coming to your table because you didn’t reply to her email only to find you scrolling through the newsfeeds! Mobile is a smart and convenient option!

Close to 62% of the employees visit these sites only once or twice a day at work. 24% of them visit 3-5 times a day, 9% of employees visit 5-10 times, whereas the addicted employees who sum up to 5%, visit the sites more than 10 times a day at work. Since social media has become quite inseparable from the lives of people, certain organizations do not bother much about the usage of social media during work hours. But, there are companies that have strict policies even for the devices that employees bring in.