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Here’s what Facebook says about its users from the Middle East and America

In 2019, it is estimated that the number of people using social media will cross 2.77 billion. The number of users and the social media trend is found to vary across the globe. Among the top social networking sites, Facebook is found to be much widely used in most parts of the world. Through the many interesting data facts from different users, it is possible to learn or anticipate regional traits.

The Middle East is fast growing in terms of internet usage and social networking. Facebook provides the option to choose from a set of languages other than the default primary, which is English. Comparing between the 18 middle east countries, only 5% of people from Lebanon and 9% from UAE choose Arabic. These are the only two countries where the least number of people prefer Arabic to English. Whereas most people from Palestine, Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia are the countries that use Facebook the most in Arabic. Overall, about 53% of people prefer to use Facebook in its default language adding no changes to the setting.

The male domination that prevails almost everywhere does has something to do with the internet activity too. The presence of female gender on the internet, their social media presence and other such data serves as a valid proof. In the Middle East, Lebanon records the lowest difference (4.6%), men in the leading. Iraq shows a difference of about 45.8% and is the country with the highest gap between men and women in Facebook usage.

Probably the first thing that we would like to check out in someone’s profile after their display picture! In the Middle East, the majority of people tend to keep it private and do not list it in status. On the other hand, 8 out of 12 Americans are happy to share this to the world. 

Yet another curious question in the profile is, ‘Interested in’. With just three options left to answer, 85% of Middle easterners declare that they are into women wherein just 44% of the Americans rhyme the same. More from the middle east, 50% men, 22% of women are interested in women. 10% of men and 7% of women are interested in men! Now, love is love.

Deriving age data from Facebook, it is seen that Palestine is the youngest of all countries in the world with about 43.6% of youth population ranging between the age group 18 to 24.

Among other data about individual users, it is found that on an average a user uploads 25 profile pictures, 11 albums, 44 photos, 271 tagged photos, 80 connected pages an2 20 entertainment pages.