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Here’s What No One Tells You About Healthy Aging

University of Florida

The process of aging, the diseased faced, the health needs differ between men and women. Awareness can lead to healthy aging.Most women die due to some heart disease and this tops the cause of death followed by breast cancer, the second leading cause. Stroke kills more women than men. The other major causes include Osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, Depression, Autoimmune diseases and Arthritis.

As women age, there seems to be much less attention paid to physical fitness and health. Close to 82% of women reportedly struggle due to physical inactivity. When you don’t have to move around, twist or bend, the body becomes used to the inactivity and any small movement becomes tough and tiring later on. This also adds up to the body weight, resulting in couch potato. About 67% of women are found to be overweight. Also, in spite of being fit or not, 58% of women suffer hypertension.

To overcome the menopausal stage and have healthy aging, women must be conscious about the diet, exercise and most importantly the mental health. It is a wise decision to cut down sugars and fats and keep an eye over the amount of carbohydrate intake. Fibre-rich, whole grains, fruits, legumes, soy, nuts, fish and low dairy foods can help you get the necessary nutrients and also ensures a smooth metabolism. Maintaining a proper eating schedule and not skipping meals are thumb rules to be followed.

25 hours of weekly exercise that includes aerobic and resistance workouts will aid you to be in shape. This also improves your memory and learning capacity. More than all, it keeps you fresh and rejuvenated which further boosts you up and adds up to positivity. Picking up on a hobby like swimming, cycling, jogging or some sport is a healthy way to spend your leisure.

The crucial part of aging is mental health. A sound mind has a sound body. Be socially involved, make new friends, spend quality time with family and surround yourself with people who are positive and trustworthy. Play fun games like reading, writing, playing music or crosswords that will enhance your brain activity. Stay out of stress and depression. There is always someone who is willing to hear you out. Share things instead of stocking them up in the brain. That way it makes you feel much lighter.

Take periodical health checkups and keep an eye on the vital signs. Discuss with your doctor about the bone strength and density, hormonal imbalance and get your scans done to prevent or diagnose fractures if any.

Always keep out of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. You could give a try!