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Here’s What No One Tells You About Mistake Leaders Make

The Ken Blancahrd Companies

Leadership is about directing the crew and not just commanding. For one to be a good leader, there are certain leadership qualities that one must possess. When a leader fails to stand up to the mark, things get messed up. In a study conducted by The Keln Blanchard Companies and Training Magazine, it is found that the leadership communication issues still continue to persist among companies. The top reason that was reported being, inappropriate communication or poor listening.

The key to managing people is communication. But often we fail to realize that communication doesn’t necessarily mean talking, but there is this vital other parts of it, the listening. It is only when you listen will you understand how much the other person has received, their concerns or inputs.

Also, an employee must be aware of the overall working status, the company’s progress to which one is actually contributing. This in a way helps the employees stay boosted and also makes them feel involved. But unfortunately, 28% of employees said they never get to discuss future goals and tasks with their manager and sadly 38% of them do not even get performance feedback. Periodical feedbacks can aid in improving an individual’s overall performance and sum up to the project.

There are certain must-haves for a leader to excel in communication. Listening to what the other person has to say is the basic. When you listen, it makes the other person feel responsible and they will try to produce valuable comments or inputs that way triggering the best out of everyone involved in a discussion. Be honest and always present only the truth. However critical a situation is, say for instance a client has sent a mail where there is a clear disappointment, be open to your team and then address the scenario as a team. This will make you one as a team and acting together can be a catalyst for solution finding. Always express your confidence, which also demands you to be a subject matter expert. Keep updated and share the knowledge with fellow teammates.

Leaders must ensure periodical conversations among the rest of the team and among one another. Helping them with setting short term and long term goals will give the impression that you are interested in their personal progress as much as you are about the team’s progress. Appreciate good work and give credits to those who deserve. This will keep them encouraged and satisfied. Redirecting to people when they come up with a query you cannot resolve also shows you as an efficient leader instead of showing up a no board on the face.