Historical Increase in the Number of Americans with Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Recent data from various sources state that Americans are experiencing a significant increase in symptoms of anxiety and depression (associated with the pandemic)

The infographic clearly shows that the number of people with mental health symptoms is well over historical norms.  

Well, there isn't a playbook for the novel Coronovirus, There isn't any accurate guideline explaining the do's and don'ts of what exactly must be done to keep oneself safe from the deadly virus. 

The fact is, everything appears highly uncertain and this makes everyone fearful and anxious about the future. Besides, being indoors for an extended period of time in order to practice social distancing has resulted in depression and other mental health issues.  Other reasons probably include the fear of losing a job or having lost one, the struggle to pay bills, and worries about the health and safety of themselves and their family.   

While life isn't a bed of roses at this hour, this is the time to show some courage to fight the odds out and sustain both physical and mental health by getting help from experts, family, and acquaintances. 

How do you cope up with this situation? Comment your ideas.  

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