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How fast is plastic getting deep rooted?


We get to see boards saying ‘Plastic is banned inside this premises’ in quite a handful of places. Plastic’ is one burning issue for which the government, scientists, scholars, public, all of us are pitching in to find some sort of a solution. Taking a look at the numbers, it is very alarming to see that inspite of any good effort that is seeded in, the issue is getting rooted day by day.

Though people are quite cautious about its usage, plastic has become unavoidable in our day to day life. Right from the tooth brush we use in the morning as soon as we are up for the day, to the carry bags that we are forced at hyper markets or local stores, plastic has become omnipotent in the recent years.

About 1 trillion plastic bags are produced across the globe in a year. And that accounts only to the bags. To think of plastic in other forms, the number is very much alarming. How can any measure put an end or cut down the number unless the production ceases!  All the more, our preparedness to replace the material with yet another is a big question too. Plastic, being a very handy, light, cheap material, it becomes a challenge to find a replacement. Are we too lazy as a world!

It is surprising that how most of us are well informed about the ill effects and still couldn’t collectively act upon and prevent an ongoing disaster, a disaster that will for sure last for the next thousand years. Researchers constantly come up with super bugs that can actually eat up the plastic. However the efficacy of those microbes on a large scale is doubtful too.

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Across the world, about 3.5m tonnes of plastic bags are discarded in a year. Though we don’t see a proper method to get rid of them and are sure they will stay with us for years and years, the usage of plastic bags doesn’t drop.

This common quote ‘Reuse, reduce, recycle’ may be of a better help to fight the monster. Beginning at our home, work places, when we cautiously try and reduce the usage, replace the material in every possible way, create alternatives and practice reusing, it feels quite possible to keep in control of the plastic evil. 

Avoiding carry bags at local shops and carrying a cloth bag with you whenever you step out of home can possibly cut down the number of demons that you bring home.