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How much air is in your bag of chips? Do you know why?


Though not a healthy choice, a bag of chips is something each one of us would like to grab at any time of the day. And, there isn't a single person that doesn't complain about paying for the snack pack being filled with air. Most of us think that the air filled in the chips pack is atmospheric air. No, it is not. It is Nitrogen. And, the process is termed "Slack Fill". 

Why Nitrogen?    

1. Oxygen present in the air makes the chips go stale. 

2. It is considered that chips taste better because of the Slack fill.

3. Nitrogen gives chips a cushion, thereby protecting it from damage at times of transit. 

Yeah, you are right. That doesn't mean you get a large proportion of gas when you actually pay for the food. The chart above will help you choose brands with less amount of gas which means more food.