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How to deal a hangover and feel better?


A hangover is usually characterized by a terrible headache, an unpleasant feeling and sometimes nausea. I am sure most of you could relate to what I am talking about - that feeling of “Should never drink again!”

It is true that if you had more water, a nutritious meal and had limited the quantity, you would be in a better state the next morning. Let us have a look at how to deal with a hangover and feel better.

  • Eat a hearty breakfast. It helps maintain blood sugar levels, supply important minerals and vitamins, and bring down the symptoms of a hangover. Try to eat bland food like toast, fruit and cereal that does not cause heartburn or acid reflux.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Allow your body to recover from alcohol overdose. Doing so, you can overcome headaches and irritability.
  • It is obvious that alcohol intake causes dehydration which leads to a number of symptoms. Increase your water intake.
  • Studies show that some supplements could reduce hangover symptoms. Red ginseng, peppermint and ginger work well though. 
  • Consume bananas and kiwi fruit. The fruit increases the level of potassium in the body — the mineral that gets depleted during alcohol consumption.
  • Drinking buttermilk is a popular remedy for easing the symptoms of a hangover, especially followed widely in India.

Well, hangover symptoms are undoubtedly awful, but unluckily, there isn’t a quick fix. There is nothing that you can really do to get rid of the alcohol byproducts. Your liver has to metabolize them, which definitely takes time. The above-mentioned ways can help you manage the symptoms. 

According to science, the best solution is to drink plenty of water, have nutritious food, sleep well, and wait it out.