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How to identify toxic employees? Learn these useful tips for a new beginning at workplace


While employees form the backbone of any firm, presence of toxic ones can threaten the very existence of your business. Besides costing you money, bad hires also ruin team morale, resulting in lower employee engagement levels and ultimately, productivity. What’s more, difficult employees waste a considerable amount of time of your HR department and managers. The more toxic people in your organization, the farther you are from your business mission. 

What to do about bad hires?

Identifying them is the key. Of course, you can easily find them they will be the root of most problems at the workplace. 

  • Identify them by watching out for certain characteristics and categorize them. (View the infographic).
  • Understand the causes of their behaviour.
  • Devise solutions to get them back on track.

Bad hires can be categorized into six types:

  1. The Uncooperative
  2. Procrastinator
  3. Office clown
  4. Gossiper
  5. Shorted-tempered one
  6. Avoider

This infographic offers some handy tips to address toxic employees provided they are in your organization. I hope these tips will help you make your workplace a better place to work as a team and boost productivity. Good luck!