India Becomes the Largest Ground Force in the World Followed by North Korea!

China and the United States are expected to top the list of countries with the world's largest militaries. But, the tables have turned in 2020. See how.

The infographic shows you a picture of the top largest militaries in the world in the year 2019. You can see that China tops the chart followed by the United States, India, and North Korea. But, you know what? Things have changed in 2020. 

Towards the end of 2019, China reduced its ground force by 50% and started focusing on its air force, navy, and technology as a step towards modern warfare. As a result, India which was in second place moved to the top position with almost 1.4 million personnel. 

As per the Defence of Japan 2019 Report, China has stepped down as the third largest military in the world after India and North Korea.     

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