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Interesting Facts About How Diseases Got Their Names, Especially Covid-19

While several diseases got their names from names of persons, places, symptoms, and so on, find out how Covid-19 got its name.

The infographic speaks about various diseases and facts about their names. You are right! Coronavirus is missing there. 

Well, it has become almost impossible to pass an hour without uttering or hearing the word "Coronavirus".   The virus is what anyone keeps talking about ever since 2020 started. 

So, from where did the name Coronavirus come from?

In Latin, "corona" means "crown". The virus appears like a crown when examined under an electron microscope. Hence, it was termed Coronavirus.  

Coronavirus is a group of viruses causing diseases such as MERS, SARS, and Covid-19. 

What about Covid-19? The letters 'CO' stand for corona, 'VI' for virus, & 'D' for disease. And, 19 means 2019 - the year this novel Coronavirus appeared for the first time in China. 

We are sure this information would add value to your knowledge database.