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Whales are the largest creature that lives in the ocean. There are a lot of interesting facts about these large air-breathing sea mammals. Go ahead and read it.

Wild About Whales, Australia

Whales are air-breathing mammals, found in the big oceans. Let us take a look at some interesting facts about this giant creature.

  1.  Behavior

  • Whales are capable of blowing water up to 3-5M distance into the air when they rise to the ocean surface to breathe.

  • Whales will poke up their head out of the water, just to show their presence in the ocean.

  • As they slide into the water, they leave their tail vertically hanging out from the ocean.

  • A whale launches itself out of the water with two or three slaps of its tail. This act of the whale is called “The brunch”.

  • They make sounds like songs during migrations, which produces sound up to 170 decibels.

  • Whales eat up to 1.5 tons of Krill before migration.

  1. Weight

  • A Whale can weigh about 40 to 200 tons, which is nearly equal to the weight of 600 people.

  • They eat up to 1.5 tons of Krill before migration, which is equal to 1360kg.

  1. Appearance

  • Whales have a stocky and muscular part of its tail called the Peduncle. This part of the Whale’s body helps them to swim underwater.

  • They have a small fin on top of Whales body called Dorsal Fin which stabilizes the whale while swimming.

  • Whales do not have teeth, rather they have long strands of baleen which is made up of keratin. They are used as sieves to trap food.

  • The powerhouse of the whales is the Tail Flukes, which is used to propel in the water and also used as a weapon against the predators.

  • Pectoral Fins cover up to one-third of the whale's body.

  • There's a large skin present under the mouth called Ventral Pleats which runs towards the belly.

There is also an interesting fact that scientists believe that Humpback Whales do not sleep. They are capable of keeping their one part of their brain awake while another is asleep. It can swim up to a speed of 6km/h during migrations, 18km/h is the top swimming speed of a Whale. 45 species of Whales are found on the Australian seashores. Whales have a long lifespan of 100 years. Although they have the longest life span, most of them are in the endangered stage because of poaching and ocean pollutants like plastic, etc. We have the responsibility to protect them.

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