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Job interview? Learn these body language tips THAT REALLY WORK!

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Did you know that humans can possibly produce more than 700,000 signs, 5000 hand gestures, 250,000 facial expressions and 1000 different postures? Well, the numbers are overwhelming, right? But, these are facts you cannot ignore as it stresses the significance of body language in all spheres of life, most importantly in terms of career and relationships.

Almost 95% of the communication seems to happen nonverbally. Look at this: A first impression is perhaps based on 55% by your body language, 38% by the tone of your voice (oh that’s a bit intimidating) and only 7% by the words spoken by you! 

Let us have a look at some great body language tips that make your next interview a breeze.

Handshake — A handshake says a lot about a person even before he or she utters a word. So, use your right hand, smile, make eye contact and offer a firm and confident handshake. 

Posture — Make sure you sit tall with your chin facing upwards. Avoid slouching or lounging, crossing your arms, leaving arms open at the sides, or putting hands in your pockets. 

Mirror — Mirroring the movement of the interviewer can help you establish a good rapport with the person. However, make sure you do it subtly and not quite obviously. For instance, you can lean in or lean back slowly as they do it. 

Eye contact — Eye contact does convey sincerity and confidence. However, don’t overdo it. Two-third of the time, look somewhere in the eye-nose triangle and the remaining time, you can look away. In fact, locking eyes for a long period of time may seem a little aggressive or being creepy. So, maintain a balance. 

Gestures — Use open and expressive physical gestures so that the interviewer gets involved in your talk. Avoid fidgeting, pointing fingers or banging fists on the table. 

Enthusiasm — Wear an interested expression on your face so that the interviewer knows that you enthusiastic about the job and the place. Positive gestures like smiling and nodding help you score well. And again, do it in moderation. 

Work on these body language tips and get ready to celebrate the success of your next interview.