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Latest developments in Tech and Social media and how it impacts the workplace


As technology evolves day by day, it becomes necessary for companies to update too. Right from the interview process to recruit new employees, setting a database, to set a process for internal communication, each thing gets a fresher look considerably often. 

The best factor about the affordability of quality gadgets is that it has made possible for people to work away from workplaces too. About 81% of employees are found to be using their own personal mobile devices for work. With a very flexible schedule, comfortable environment, avoiding the daily traffic and a pleasant mood, working away from the company is more effective for an employee to work at peace. Whereas 33% of Americans use about three devices to work!

There still are newspaper column advertisements looking for candidates with a specific skill set for so and so position, with the address of the office in block letters. But, companies that are progressing fast have a proper and advanced recruiting process which they test and found to be the most effective, time-saving and accurate. In several cases, there are more than three rounds of interview, the first announced in most social media platforms. Be it facebook, twitter, Instagram, these companies have an official account in all the platforms that top the list of socially engaging apps. With the presence of job finding networks like LinkedIn, it has become much easier to connect with your favourite employers.

But surprisingly, companies don’t find it cool when their recruited employees are into social media. 54% of companies block access to any social networking sites in the workplace. We all know that most people get into social media addiction and find it to be easily distracting. However, curtailing the use of it totally is quite not so cool. That is not the right way to deal with grown-ups!

Other than the common social media platforms, companies also have internal social tools like Yammer, Chatter, Telligent enterprise and Jive. This allows an easy live chat, file transfer and other specific functions within a workplace. Apart from formal mail communication, these internal tools are simple to use in case of raising doubt to a senior or to request the person sitting next to reduce his voice without, offending him by saying it before everyone.

According to a survey among companies, about 36% of them are planning to adopt an internal social tech next year, while 67% of them already use or ready to use. Companies who hesitate in taking up the internal social tools are found to be worried that the employees will misuse the time spent on the system during the work hours. There are also cases where the upper management is not clear about its need or there is a serious lack of budget.