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Learn these morning rituals of successful entrepreneurs and make every day count


Have you ever wondered what the most successful business leaders of the world are doing when you are hitting the snooze button every morning? Definitely something most of you should look up to. They have a set of mastered routines that give a kick start to their day with productive vigor. 

The infographic shows that leading entrepreneurs are early risers. For instance, Tim Armstrong, Tory Burch, Jack Dorsey, Indra Nooyi, and Lord Alan Sugar wake up well before 6 am. Exercise seems to be their first choice as well. Sugar likes a 50-mile bike ride while Richard Branson prefers a tennis game, a quick swim or a kite surfing session. A healthy meal is what keeps their energy levels up all through the day. Hot water with lemon, oatmeal, smoothies, papaya juice with lime and herbal tea are some healthy choices made. 

You can certainly learn something really useful from the morning routines of Peter Jones, Mark Zuckerberg, and Arianna Huffington. These legends are examples of how a great morning routine can be life transforming. Are you ready to transform yours? 

Good luck!