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Never Mess With the world’s 15 Deadliest Animals And Here’s The Reasons Why

Death is certain. It can either be natural or unnatural. When you say unnatural cause, it can be anything from a car crash to a mosquito bite! Seriously! Can a mosquito bite cause death? Believe it or not! Mosquito is the deadliest in the world and is found to cause about 725,000 people in a year.

Several most prevalent mosquito-borne diseases include Zika virus, dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. When an infected mosquito bites a person, the infection is passed on from the needle of mosquito directly into one's bloodstream. However, not all of them transmit the disease-causing pathogen. It has also been reported that in recent times, the infection rate has increased dramatically!

The second deadliest animal in the world is human. Every time you get to hear a mass murder, an assassination, it is human who kills human! This race doesn’t let any other race survive, not even it's own!

Following human, snakes are reported as the third deadliest animal or reptile to be accurate. More than the venom, the fear of snake causes more deaths. According to the World Health Organization, snake bite is considered a neglected disease.

It is interesting how most of us like petting one of the deadliest animal - dog. It falls under the top 5 and the fatality per year is 25000. A dog bite can likely lead to Rabies or Tetanus infection, both being fatal.

The list grows with tsetse fly that causes sleeping sickness, a vector-borne disease. The fly when bites, infects us with parasite Trypanosoma brucei.

After the fly, there are Assassin bugs, the freshwater snail, Ascaris roundworm and tapeworm. The problem with these worms is that they stay inside the body and multiplies laying thousands and thousands of eggs and the illness is identified only when it has already worsened within. It sometimes can lead to anemia by causing blood loss or by preventing the body from absorbing protein. The major complication occurs through the intestinal line which may also lead to a blockage.

The next bunch of the top 15 deadliest animals includes crocodile, hippopotamus resulting in 1000 and 500 deaths per year respectively. Next in the list is the elephant with a fatality of about 100 people a year. Sometimes elephants get into villages close by forest or cultivable land and attack people as a herd. It is more a social issue to be addressed. As we start occupying their territory, they venture inside villages in search of water and food.

Lion, wolf, and shark the last three are reported to kill 10 people per year. Out in the wild, we are all vulnerable to wild attacks though!