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Online Internet Digital Web Marketing: Introduction to Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Marketing itself has a broad definition and application. Two of the highly used marketing components are inbound and outbound marketing, majorly known for their effective use in digital marketing. It is quite challenging to understand how the terms “digital marketing,” “internet marketing,” and “web marketing” are used in the context of inbound and outbound marketing but know that these terms are just interchangeably by different agencies. 

Let’s take for an example the magnifying glass for finding a needle in a haystack. The needle represents potential your website has; the haystack represents the population of your competitors that intimidates your presence. The magnifying glass is your marketing strategy. Whether it is inbound or outbound marketing, it will surely make your website more significant and to increase search presence with your target audience.

To learn more about the basics of how inbound and outbound marketing affect your online internet digital web marketing, read on with the infographic below created by Landau Consulting.