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Exciting things about London you may not have learned of


Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like London? Leave alone tourists, even celebrities are head over heels in love with this dream city. Do you think you know a lot about London? If so, think again. Here I have some remarkable statistics you might not have known about this awesome city.

  • Home to all manner of music, sports, film and fashion events, London is the largest city in Europe. 
  • London is so busy that nearly 4 million passenger journeys are made on the tube network every single day.
  • London houses more than 12000 restaurants, 300 theaters and 500 cinemas!
  • London is home to a whopping 43 universities, making it the education hub of the world.
  • Speaking of the city’s favourite sport football, London has 6 sides which is over 25% of the entire premier league.
  • Do you know that London is the 5th richest city in the world only next to Seoul, Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo?
  • Compared to any other city in the world, London is home to more billionaires.
  • There are four UNESCO sites in London: Tower of London, Westminster Palace, Maritime Greenwich, and Kew’s Royal Botanical Gardens.