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Smart Tips to Increase Productivity When You Work from Home

We have a few tips to help you increase productivity when you work from home during these uncertain times.

The exponentially increasing fear worldwide caused by the Coronavirus has forced companies to make their employees work remotely. Of course, work from home helps maintain a kind of balance and sanity while the world economy has started to crumble. However, how do you expect an employee to keep his / her sanity intact when the devastating news on the novel Coronavirus hits one every single minute? 

Work from home does sound cool but it is not always a piece of cake. Sure, working from home means you can work at the comfort of your home, wearing sweatpants and binging on anything you like; but, let's not forget that there is more to it. Perhaps, if you don't follow a well-scheduled and consistent routine, you might be punished with low productivity and will soon be in untamed waters.

To begin with, find the best tools to keep connected while at work and follow the tips for better productivity (given in the infographic) during the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you have any tips to share - something that worked well for you, kindly comment below.