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Social Media Will Be A Thing Of The Past And Here’s Why

Meltwater, UK

Social media has become inseparable from the lives of people in the United Kingdom just like the rest of the globe. It is reported that there are more than 39 million social media users in the UK. 

With 79% of users, Facebook tops the list, followed by Twitter with 47% of the user population, Instagram with 41%, Pinterest and LinkedIn with less than 40% of users. It is to be noted that professional sites do steal a rank among the top 5 social networking websites. Interestingly, there are about 30,000 active chatbots on facebook! Business people make use of the top site to involve and engage customers into conversations. And that is brilliant! 

Though Twitter has character limits for each tweet, users seem to treat this as an advantage. Close to 500,000,000 tweets are made each day! Quite a big number! Now being the era of smartphones, people click almost everything around them and make it a routine to show the world what they see. Thus it actually results in 400 million daily Instagram stories. It can’t be denied that Instagram is actually close to becoming the photo library next to Flickr. 

Videos lasting for less than a minute are easily shared and with the free online editing apps, people make really interesting videos without much investment. As a fact, tweets with a video attached to it are shared six times more than those with just photos. Also, facebook native videos seem to have easy accessibility. Because facebook videos have an average 477% higher share rate compared to the youtube videos. This is probably because Facebook allows you to post texts, photos, videos, gifs anything and everything, unlike youtube. And hence it becomes easy to tap share as you scroll through the newsfeeds. Accessibility, availability, ease of usage plays a vital role!

It is told that about 70% of social media time is spent on mobile. Right from when the day starts until it ends people are so used to having the mobile phone touching to their body, that it has actually become yet another body part. There is almost nowhere that a mobile phone did not make an entry, including the toilet! Considering the portability, affordability and ease of use, the mobile phone is more comfortable to be carried around compared to a laptop or a desktop. And provided that it allows you to do almost everything that you can do with a laptop and even further, there is no surprise that it took over other devices at ease.