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Story of Royal Chippiparai — An Indian Bred Dog

Chippiparai is a royal dog, bred by the royals. These dogs are the pride of royals in the early days. It is an Indian breed with high hunting and will power.


Chippiparai is one of the Indian breed dogs. Here is a story about the Royal dog of Tamil Nadu.

Chippiparai is an Indian breed dog that originated from the Madurai district, Tamil Nadu, India. It is a sighthound Royal dog and often compared to the Greyhound due to the equal agility and lean body. Chippiparai epitomizes a strong and silent hound dog. These dogs are best to guard, and brave enough to protect the estates owned by the royals, as well as to protect their family. These dogs are more affectionate and loyal to their owners. They are capable of being a one-man dog, because of their ability to get attached to one human being and become dedicated to those particular men/women for the rest of their lives.



Chippiparai, as mentioned above, originated from South India. It is said that they are the descendants of the Saluki and now they are found in the area of Periyar Lake. The Royals used Chippiparai for hunting wild boar, deers, hares, and rabbits. These dogs are bred by the Royal Families from Virudhunagar district in Tamil Nadu. Chippiparai was the most favorite dog of The Royals. They were kept as the symbol of ROYALTY  and DIGNITY in Tirunelveli, Thenkasi, Kazhugu malai, and Madurai. They were also known for their speed and loyalty to owners.


As we said, Chippiparai is a one-man dog that is more dedicated to its owner or trainer. This dog cannot be trained, fed, or petted by anyone else, except the master or the trainer (if getting trained though). These royal dogs are very much protective of their territory and domain. They are kind of more defendants; hence they are great watchdogs. 

Chippiparai have natural hunting instincts so they are good hunters too. The temperament of this dog is more similar to that found in other Indian sighthounds. These are more energetic and protective. They are also known for their calmness and tend to form a good bond with their family. When raised in a family atmosphere, the Chippiparai will form a strong bond with all members of the house. But if they are raised by a single person, This breed also has a very strong tendency to become a one-person dog. Although they are devoted and loyal, it is quite reserved with affections. They are suitable for children. They take good care of children, provided that they do not roughhouse with it.


Chippiparai is generally a healthy and active dog. But, like other dogs, they are prone to some generic and genetic conditions. Hip Dysplasia is the most common health issue that spreads among these dogs. This issue can be managed with medication if it is mild, and through surgery, if the condition is extreme. Another common health issue is Patellar Luxation. In this condition, the kneecap of the dog is dislocated and the Ball-and-socket joint moves in both directions. Mostly, this can only be treated through surgery. But in some conditions, it can be treated through medication also. Although these two are the major health problems, there are some more diseases in which Chippiparai is getting affected.

Color and Coat

Chippiparai is a very low maintenance dog as they have a short coat which does not shed much. You can brush their coat once or twice a week. Like all other breeds, these dogs also love being massaged. Chippiparai are mostly found in fawn colors. They are also found in some rare colors like brown, silver grey, etc.

Pros & Cons

Chippiparai has more pros than cons. Some of its pros and cons are listed below.



  1. Intelligent rank
  2. Trainability
  3. Healthy dogs in general
  4. Best watchdogs
  5. No hair fall dog


  1. Hypoallergenic
  2. Highly impulsive in nature
  3. Exercise is compulsory
  4. Not friendly with children nor with small-sized pets

They can attach themselves to one person and be suspicious of everyone else. This Royal dog is one of the most intelligent dogs among Indian breeds. But the bitter truth is that this exquisite hunting dog is now close to extinction. Unless and until we people take some responsibility to preserve them, they will soon become another thing of beauty relegated to history books.

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